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16 differences between Italian and American homes

16 differences between Italian homes and American homes. In this video I talk about some topics which are clearly different in the US like central air and stuff in the bathroom. I also mention things which you might not expect!

This is by no means an exhaustive list and it is strictly based on my own interpretations from living in the USA and Italy. There are always exceptions to the norm! Thank you for watching! Buona visione!

Unfortunately I had Covid in this video but I didn’t know it yet! It wasn’t too bad but certainly annoying!

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00:00 intro
00:28 Carpeting
00:43 Dryers
02:34 Toilets
03:18 Bidet
03:30 Balconies
04:12 Central Air
05:19 Open Space Planning
05:52 Basements
07:12 Bars on Windows
07:51 Flyscreen windows
08:09 Home security systems
08:37 Big Fridge
09:00 Kitchens
09:30 Recliners
09:45 Walk in Closets
10:18 Fenced in lawns
10:52 Tissue Boxes
11:21 Learn Italian 🇮🇹
11:34 Comment

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