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How to Learn Italian. 19 USEFUL tips!

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Real and practical tips that work if you are learning Italian! The language learning tips in this video can apply to anyone who is learning a new language and I am happy to offer my years of experience with Italian to anyone who is at the very beginning. Even if you’re at a higher level I am sure my advice in this video can be of use to you!

The past 2 years have taught us that it is very possible to learn Italian online and in today’s video I am happy to share with you some of my own language learning experiences and thoughts. I have done my best to present you with tips and tricks that I myself have used and still apply today. It is my hope that your biggest takeaway is that one of the biggest keys to success in any language is mindset and making the language an active part of your life. Taking action also means taking some formal instruction, thus the need to take class if you find yourself at the beginning of your language learning. Personally I prefer learning from a native speaker who can explain to me the basics of their language and language that is actually used as opposed to dry grammatical concepts that are found in a book.

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00:00 intro
00:37 Get started
00:50 Make mistakes
01:52 Live abroad
02:25 Make Italian friends
02:43 Learn their culture
03:12 How I started
03:30 Take a class with EUS!
04:12 David studies Deutsch!
05:34 EUS course information
06:15 Free trial lesson
06:34 Discount! Sconto!
07:02 Gift Cards
07:14 Listen to the language
07:29 Learn things you like
07:55 Watch movies and Tv in Italian
08:23 Subtitles
08:45 Don’t have time?
09:17 Don’t translate
10:29 Music
11:07 Pronunciation
11:33 Apps
12:15 Watch the news
12:37 Speak it!
13:07 Be curious
13:20 Specific situations
13:39 NO comedy!
13:49 Think in Italian
13:55 Bonus tips
14:44 Learn Italian 🇮🇹
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