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Conversational Italian. 11 Useful Words.

Conversational Italian and 11 filler word examples that are used in daily language. These common Italian words I found confusing at first when I first moved to Italy, but once I learned them, they became useful! Kind of like cracking a special linguistic code!

As I said in the video these words are my own interpretation on how they're used and I've only chosen the ones which I think can be confusing for anyone not familiar with Italian. In essence I believe you would most likely get wrong if you didn't hear them in context and know exactly when to use them. I've also done my best to get the intonation right!

This is not an exhaustive explanation of every single use of each word, otherwise this video would a never ending story! For example, the word allora has many uses but, as I said above, I am focusing on a particular use which can trip you up when you are used to hearing Allora at the beginning of an explanation or a story.

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00:00 intro
01:04 Si no
02:10 No
03:33 Si, va beh
04:56 No, va beh
06:00 Eh!
06:49 Allora
07:29 Mbeh?
07:53 Mah
08:18 Boh
08:22 Ni
08:59 Oh (in inglese)
09:44 comment!
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