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11 things I miss from the USA.

11 things that I miss from the USA! After over a decade of living in Italy I've begun to miss things that I used to take for granted. One example that I mention are the classic American homes and now that I have a family, I think my daughter would love the house I grew up in, in Connecticut. The fact that I miss certain things from the USA is not because I am suffering from a severe case of homesickness. Rather, I believe it to be a form of nostalgia that anyone who is 40 years old and older tends to experience when they look back on their youth. Obviously there some things I miss more than others! Despite things that I miss from the USA, I am happy with my life here in Italy and I believe that true happiness depends on you as a person and how you are able to adapt to different circumstances.


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00:00 intro
00:19 metric system
01:19 Christmas decorations
02:06 American homes
03:21 Fly screens
03:54 Colonial homes
04:15 Roads
04:52 Parking
05:20 English
06:51 My sports
07:01 Food
07:34 Supermarkets
07:42 individualism
08:27 Entrepreneurship
08:42 Rock and Metal concerts
09:03 Bonfires
09:19 Pool
09:44 Reflection

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Видео 11 things I miss from the USA. канала David's Dose of Italy
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