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What to do in Naples Italy: 15 tips!

15 tips on what to do in Naples Italy! While there are many things to do in Naples these are some of my recommendations and in my opinion, a must see! We are still in the midst of the coronavirus problem at the time of shooting this video, however the content in this video are places that will still be there after normalcy has returned. If you are in the middle of planning your trip to Italy, Napoli is definitely a destination you don't want to overlook! Subscribe! Like! Comment! Share!!

Sorry for the awful quarantine haircut!
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Piazza Dante 0:48
Napoli Sotterranea 1:08
San Gregorio Armeno 1:39
Spaccanapoli 1:55
Cristo Velato 2:48
Piazza and Chiesa Del Gesu Nuovo 2:56
Street where I used to live 3:10
Pizza 3:25
Via Forcella and Spanish Quarter 3:55
Nennella 4:25
Funny Nennella stories 4:52
Piazza Vanvitelli 5:23
San Martino / Castel Sant’Elmo 5:47
Via Roma 6:18
Vittorio Emanuele Gallery 6:39
Piazza Del Plebescito 6:55
Gulf of Naples 7:30
Castel Dell’Ovo 7:37
Learn Neapolitan! 8:19
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