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Teaching English in Italy: Tips to find the right school for you!

I offer my TEN YEARS PLUS of teaching in English in Italy as a guide to find the right language school. You need to watch this video before getting hired in Italy! I've worked for some good schools (like my current one) and some that I'd rather forget! In this video I will explain what to look for in a school, a good website to find work, which part of the country to consider when choosing a language school and other little tips here and there. ALSO, I will examine an advert for a language school in Southern Italy and I'll discuss and the pros and cons of the ad. (min 10:50)
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Useful links:

1. Instructions to get the Italian residence permit (Permesso di Soggiorno), in English. https://www.studiolegalemetta.com/en/permit-to-stay-permesso-di-soggiorno/
2. Job hunting websites that I have used:

www.wantedinrome.com, www.tefl.com, www.daveseslcafe.com
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Видео Teaching English in Italy: Tips to find the right school for you! канала David Carmosino
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