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Coronavirus in Italy: School update

Coronavirus in Italy school update and what is currently going on with our kids as well as educators like myself. Italian schools are going through a difficult transition as the coronavirus situation is forcing the country into a scenario all too similar to March. The purpose of this video is to inform you all as to what is going in both private and public schools as well what it is like teaching in Italy during these trying times. Unfortunately I don't have any definitive answers and I can only report what I am seeing and give my opinion. Are we looking at more online learning in the future or can we return to our lives before this unforgettable year? For my daughter's sake I hope her first day of school is mask free.

Nevertheless my school is still operating and if you are in Italy and are looking to improve your English, feel free to contact either myself or my school!

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00:00 intro
00:46 country update
01:04 new lockdown?
01:26 My school
01:48 Enroll in my school!
02:12 Kids classes in person
02:26 Masks
02:41 Public high schools/Hybrid teaching
03:30 Hybrid teaching in Italy?
03:54 Teaching online and the future
05:04 Public transport and social distancing
05:48 my dilemma as a parent
06:19 I have no solution
06:38 healthy and educated society
07:02 I am not promoting online learning
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24 октября 2020 г. 20:08:21