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Rome Metro. Strollers and wheelchairs BEWARE! #Shorts

The Rome metro can be tricky if you are traveling with a stroller or a wheelchair and especially if you are passing by the Colosseo metro and Circo Massimo metro stops! I wouldn't be surprised if other metro stops in Rome presented this pleasant obstacle.

As I mentioned in this video, there is in fact a wheelchair lift at Colosseo but I really didn't feel like taking it. I saved more time and got more exercise by grabbing my daughter's stroller and lugging it up the stairs myself.

While leaving the metro and looking for an exit where my stroller could fit through, I had to face oncoming human traffic who were using the same exit/entrance that I was! Once past the turnstyle, I looked for a ramp to go down the 3 small steps. A dinky one was soon found and only on one side! Evviva!

I couldn't see any evidence of a handicap chair lift nor an elevator at Circo Massimo.

In short, these two stops in my opinion are truly not handicap or stroller friendly and it's shameful when you consider how many people pass by this metro station year round. Complimenti.

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Видео Rome Metro. Strollers and wheelchairs BEWARE! #Shorts канала David's Dose of Italy
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