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Traveling in Italy? Take a Flight!

Why consider flying in Italy when the country is so small? Today we look at a way to travel through Italy and my goal in this video is to look at this option and help you to understand if this is the right option when getting around the country. Despite the size of Italy, in some cases it might be the best way to from one city another, but as always traveling is a subjective game and it depends on the traveler and individual plans.

In all fairness flying is not my first choice in regards to transportation in Italy, however the purpose of today's video is to talk about this possibility as it very well could be the better option for Italian destinations.

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1. 00:00 Intro
2. 00:30 Why fly within Italy?
3. 00:53 Something to consider when deciding to fly
4. 01:14 Non-stop flights
5. 01:22 where to fly to within Italy
6. 01:42 Personal examples
7. 02:10 Flight times in Italy
8. 02:23 Airline companies in Italy .
9. 02:36 Ryanair tip
10. 03:11 Plane train combination
11. 03:29 Planning
12. 03:45 Frase italiana della settimana

Useful websites ✈️✈️:

Rome airports: http://www.adr.it/web/aeroporti-di-roma-en-/pax-fco-fiumicino
BNB booking in a charming Sicilian villiage! https://www.tripadvisor.it/Hotel_Review-g6487658-d6438873-Reviews-B_B_Antico_Albergo_Italia-Pietraperzia_Province_of_Enna_Sicily.html
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