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Teaching English in Italy: Is it right for you?

Is teaching English in Italy right for you? Are you thinking long term or short term? What is the reality of teaching English ? This is a broad overview of what it is like to teach English abroad and some important questions you need to think about. In all actuality it's what you make of it and you'll need to decide if the conditions are something you can accept and can be happy with. What I am getting at it is that I am making no promises and at the end of the day, I think you'll find this job has its perks and downfalls like anywhere in the world.

*** An important perk I forgot to mention is that if you decide to teach here you'll also enjoy the benefit of public health care. In essence you don't have to worry about health insurance here! This of course is a topic for another video.

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✅Useful links:

1. Instructions to get the Italian residence permit (Permesso di Soggiorno), in English. https://www.studiolegalemetta.com/en/permit-to-stay-permesso-di-soggiorno/
2. Job hunting websites that I have used:

www.wantedinrome.com, www.tefl.com, www.daveseslcafe.com
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