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Traveling smarter at Termini train station: 8 tips

How to get around the Termini train station and travel smarter and safe. 8 tips based on my experiences. This video also contains practical advice on how to buy tickets to go to the airport and how to do it in a stress free way. You'll also pick up little bits of Italian here and there!

******* Sottotitoli disponibili in italiano!! ********

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Arguably, the most important information that you'll need to know is how to approach the taxis and to decide which ones are honest and will charge you a fair price vs the ones who are looking to rip you off.
REMEMBER! Termini is a busy station and for as nice as it can be (and sometimes not!), it is after all a station and can get a little stressful. I can't stress it enough that you'll be a lot better if you can avoid the crowds.

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that TrenItalia does reach more locations than Italo, primarily because Italo is still a new company.

Lastly, the information that I provide is to the best of my knowledge of the station. If you have any questions or if something isn't clear, leave me a comment below!
👉Specific points in the video: 👉

Tickets: 0:45 🎟️
Buying tickets at the station: 1:22
Demo on how to buy a ticket to Fiumicino: 1:57
The train tracks: 3:02 . 🚄
A place to wait for your train: 4:07
The Bathrooms/ WC: 5:08
Taxis: 6:00
Baggage Deposit: 7:50
Being Safe: 8:45
🇮🇹 Italian expression: 🇮🇹 9:45 👉

Termini Website:

👮Need to call the police? : 112



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