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Living in Rome. The Pros and Cons of Daily Life.

What's it like living in Rome on a daily basis? In this video we get into the nitty gritty of daily life in the Eternal city and also the perks of living in Rome. Tourism in Rome is huge. Many people come to Rome, however few ever get to experience what life is like on a day to day basis. I have been in Rome for well over 5 years and the reality is, Rome has it's joys and terrors. In regards to the negative points, what's important to remember is that these issues are not just local to Rome. Why mention anything negative about this world renowned city? Well, it's because there are real issues that need to be discussed. The more we shed light on something, the more people know about a problem, I think this brings us one step closer to a solution.

If I had to pick one aspect of Rome that I like the most, hands down it has to be its history. One of my passions in life is history and as an American living in Rome, Italy even, I am still fascinated that I am a short walk away from something that precedes Jesus. When I see Roman monuments still standing I am amazed at the intelligence required to produce something with such longevity. The 2nd biggest thing I enjoy about the city is the size of it. For someone who loves to explore this city provides me with a seemingly endless task of wandering around and finding new things.

POST VIDEO THOUGHTS: It may be possible to pay by card at the ticket machine at the metro. But I still don't see that option on the screen when you're asked to pay. I couldn't find the card reader until taking a closer look at the ticket machine picture. But still, it's not easy nor clear if you can in fact pay by card!

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00:00 intro
00:50 Rome is dirty
03:53 Roman roads
04:30 Street signs
05:18 The drivers
06:17 Public transport
07:03 Colosseum ticket story
08:17 Drive or not?
08:55 Rome is too big
09:19 Graffiti
11:33 Sidewalks
13:03 The secret to living in Rome
13:45 Places I like to explore
14:22 English teaching opportunities
14:34 Eating in Rome
15:33 Closeness to other towns
15:42 Meeting non-Romans
15:59 Tourism
16:20 Channel rebirth!
16:38 Parks
17:31 Aperitivo
17:42 Mom and pop stores. Late dinners
18:12 The history
18:54 The Churches
19:38 Italy’s history
20:24 My opinion of Rome.
21:02 Leave a comment!
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