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Where to Live in Rome. 7 Possible Neighborhoods.

If you’re looking to move to Rome, it’s nice to have a guide and some friendly advice from someone who already lives there. Ciao! Sono David and that’s my goal in this video! We look at 7 areas of Rome that I know rather well which include, Monteverde, Testaccio and Viale Marconi. I’ve tried to be as objective as possible to give a realistic perspective on what it’s like to live in these areas. Moreover, I pose the important question, “are these places suitable for everyday living?” This is the real question that I think people ask themselves. The Colosseum and other touristic places are nice, ok, but let's talk about what it's like to like to live in Rome on a day to day basis in more or less non touristic areas. NB, if you do choose the Viale Marconi area, it does have a real working middle class feel to it.

There are many other factors that I could have talked about, such as schools. But I feel this could be the subject for another video. You'll have noticed that I give a bit more attention to some of the particularities to Trastevere, Marconi and Ostiense and this is because I simply have more experience in these areas. As I said in the video, I am not guaranteeing that if you decide to come and live in these areas you'll find your dream home and living situation. However, I think many would agree that these areas are at least not a bad place to start looking! If you have any questions, comments, or business inquiries, scroll to the bottom of and you'll find my contact information. Grazie e buona visione!

(I forgot to mention in the video that in EUR there is a mall called Euroma2!)

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00:00 Intro
00:27 Trastevere
01:10 Porta Portese market
01:28 Going out in Trastevere
02:02 Everyday living in Trastevere
02:49 Tuscolana. Arco di Travertino, Colli Albani
03:16 Parks
03:43 Getting to work
04:06 Ostiene and Garbatella
04:35 Eataly
04:47 Street art
05:00 Highlights of Ostiense
05:35 Aventino
06:11 San Saba
07:05 Monteverde Vecchio
09:28 Testaccio
10:42 EUR
12:39 Viale Marconi
13:57 Shopping in Viale Marconi
15:05 Happiness?
15:48 Italiano!!
16:13 Living better in Rome
16:38 Want to live in Rome? Do this...


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