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Moving to Italy. How to Decide Where to Live. North? South? Central?

Moving to Italy is no easy task. I offer my 12.5 years of living experience in Italy to help you narrow down your choices a bit. There are many factors to consider and the goal of this video is to bring a few thoughts to mind while making your choice. Yet, at the end of the day, it really depends on the individual and personal needs. On that note there are different types: City vs rural, sea vs mountain living, living near other expats and lastly, which area of Italy is right for you?

Where to live in Italy exactly? Italy offers many different realities and this greatly depends if you live in the North, Central or Southern areas of Italy. I personally have lived in the South and Rome and I have traveled all over Italy, so I humbly declare that I have a good idea of what to look for when moving to Italy and most importantly, HOW to go about doing it.

Please remember that these are merely my own observations based on my own experiences. Put simply, the opinions of some dude who makes videos on Youtube! Take it with a grain of salt. Buona visione!


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00:00 Intro
00:47 it depends on you
01:04 Are you crazy?
01:14 Southern Italy
03:03 Torre Del Greco
03:17 Northern Italy
04:27 English speakers
05:02 Central Italy
05:40 Earthquakes
06:09 Geological features
06:52 The sea
07:36 Big City Living
08:02 Scout out the area
08:29 Reach out to others
08:53 Retiring in Rome?
09:17 Enjoying the big cities
09:36 Expats
10:15 Take an Italian course
10:55 airports
11:17 Work
12:01 Passive Income
12:16 Remote working
12:24 My ideal town
13:45 Frase Italiana Della Settimana
14:00 Support the Channel. Pray for Ukraine.

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