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Reverse culture shock. American vs. Italian way

Reverse culture shock and a comparison of the American vs the Italian way. It's weird to go back home when you live abroad and experience things that you had been used to and are now foreign. In this video I take a look at a few things that I am still familiar with but are not used to anymore. These are things that I either don't see/experience in my every day life here in Italy, or just not as much.

The purpose really is for entertainment value and I realize not everyone is going to agree with me. However, for each of the topics mentioned here I have tried to give a rational reason both for my opinion and why I experience reverse culture shock as an American living in Italy. If I had to pick one of the topics that is the biggest reverse culture shock, it would have to be Italian food in America that you can buy in the grocery stores! In any event, this is by no means a jab or a video meant to portray America in a bad light. I am grateful for all that America gave me and I accept it for its flaws and perks.


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03:49 Ice
04:21 Ice story in Boston
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Видео Reverse culture shock. American vs. Italian way канала David Carmosino
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