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Termini Train Station: How to get around the metro. 4 tips!

I provide a detailed explanation how to get around the metro at the Termini Train Station. I’ve done my best to provide you with a description on:

1. Where the metro is
2. How to access the metro from 4 different entry points
3. Where you can buy your tickets.
4. My own recommendations.

******Sottotitoli disponibili in italiano!!****** . Buona visione!

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It’s a confusing station, much like any one in a capital city. Still, I hope this explanation helps to understand the whole setup. The most important thing to remember is that the metro is downstairs and that there are adequate signs to guide you around. Just observe your surroundings.

I am still a beginner at this whole being a youtuber thing! But I learn as I go along and I hope to get at least 1% better with each video! Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

UPDATE! Dec 9th 2019: The Vodafone store isn't there anymore. It's not an Iqos, an electronic cigarette store.
Jump to a specific part in the video!

1. The four main questions: 0:35
2. Where is it and how do you access the metro? : 1:34
3. Accessing the metro from the main entrance: 1:57
4. Accessing the metro after getting off your train: 2:47
5. Accessing the metro from Via Giolitti: 3:35
6. Accessing the metro from Via Marsala: 4:22
7. Which line do you take and how do you change lines?: 4:49
8. How do you change directions?: 6:43
9. Where do you buy tickets?: 7:43
10. Learn Italian!: 8:56 🇮🇹
Useful websites:

Termini: https://www.romatermini.com/en/ .
ATAC (Rome transportation website. Consult this if there are any city transit strikes): https://www.atac.roma.it/ 🚊
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