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Things to do in Rome! Take tram number 8 to see these awesome places!

All the great things you can see in Rome when you take the number 8 tram. Quite simply this tram connects you to both some of the more popular tourist destinations in Rome. With the exception of the Capitoline museum, all these places are free and at your reach for a cost of just 1.50€ per ticket!

⚠️⚠️⚠️ A transport ticket is good for the full 100 minutes for any mode of transport in Rome. However once you leave the metro you can't use the same ticket to get back on. All other methods of transport you can get back on for the full duration of the 100 minutes.

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1. Explanation of the video content: 0:43
2. My opinion of the tram: 0:59
3. Tram tickets and advice: 1:12
4. Tram hours: 1:25
5. Going out in Trastevere for the night, directions: 1:37
6. Places to see when you take the 8 tram: 2:10
7. The Jewish ghetto: 2:16
8. Teatro di Marcello: 3:13
9. Campo de Fiori: 3:28
10. French Embassy: 4:00
11. Piazza Venezia: 4:18
12. Altare della Patria / Typewriter: 4:23
13. Former Mussolini home: 4:29
14. Via del Corso: 4:42
15. Palazzo Venezia: 4:51
16. I am almost died!!!!!: 5:24
17. Roman Forums and advice: 5:41
18. Giulio Caesar and Caesar Augustus temples: 6:05
19. Capitoline museums: 6:43
20. Hidden Gem: 7:27
21. Where can you go for a drink: 7:41
22. Largo Argentina: 8:04
23. Pantheon: 8:33
24. Learn Italian! 🇮🇹 🇮🇹: 9:12

ATAC website (company that runs public transport in Rome):


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Видео Things to do in Rome! Take tram number 8 to see these awesome places! канала David's Dose of Italy
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