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6 English words used in Italian. Badly!

English words used in Italian but not quite correctly how we'd say them in English! These are daily Italian words that are English loan words that I personally hear almost on an everyday basis. The purpose of this video is entertain and inform and not make fun of our Italian friends. We mess up their language too so it's all relative! Buona visione!


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Sottotitoli disponibili in italiano!!

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00:00 Intro
01:06 Cause of word misuse
01:41 Smart Working
02:32 Box
03:09 Boxing, Basket and Volley
03:56 For my subscribers
04:31 what goes around comes around
05:08 I social
05:51 Shampoo
06:32 Slip
07:11 Cassa and Cash
07:41 Italian words used badly in English

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Видео 6 English words used in Italian. Badly! канала David Carmosino
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4 октября 2020 г. 23:49:46