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Italian Hand Signs. 6 RUDE examples!

Rude Italian gestures and the angry Italian phrases that go with them! These are some of the more vulgar gestures in Italian communication. The important takeaway from this video however is that we must remind ourselves that most of these expressions are in fact.... vulgar. My goal is to present them to you so that you can recognize them when you see them, but also to understand that they are strictly to be used in context (if they must be used).

Today's video is informational and also for entertainment purposes. Up until this video I've more or less avoided vulgarities, however this is an exception and I don't really see myself making other blatantly vulgar videos. I made it because I don't think vulgarities are something to be swept under the rug and they must be discussed given that they are used and are of course part of our every day language. Italians are famous for the hand gestures and so I felt some of the more popular ones needed to be explored!

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00:00 intro
00:30 Che palle!
01:24 Me ne fott proprio!
02:55 Up yours
04:00 Ti faccio un culo così
04:58 Scemo
05:43 Gay
06:08 Whoop Dee Doo
06:45 Disclaimer
07:02 Comment!
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Видео Italian Hand Signs. 6 RUDE examples! канала David's Dose of Italy
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