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Visiting Italy. What to expect BEFORE you arrive!

When visiting Italy there are certain things which are helpful to know before you arrive. Visiting Italy for the first time is a wonderful experience, but like everything in life, being prepared and organized is key.

The difference between this and my previous videos is that these Italy travel tips were provided by two of my viewers, Ann and Jeff. I thought it would be interesting to get their reaction from their perspective as American tourists. Sure enough they pointed out a few things that I don't notice anymore.......like a lack of bathroom seats in public places!

For the record , I’m far from an expert on eating out in Northern Italy simply because my experiences here in Italy are in Rome , Campania and Sicily.

When I say that butter is used in Northern Italy I mean I was referring to it being an ingredient in local recipes and not being offered at your table at restaurants.
On the part where I talk about dogs in public, let me clarify. I think it's strange to see dogs in public places like grocery stores, churches, and especially restaurants. Personally I find it a bit unsanitary to see a dog in a restaurant. The person next to you may be allergic and when the dog shakes, they launch whatever is in their fur into the air. I don't really want to that in my food.

It was great meeting a few of my subscribers and seeing and hearing the result of all the videos that I have made! Fortunately I share their views on Italy and I so I decided to put this into video form! If you're actually reading the description of this video AND you're a first timer here in Italy, then you need to watch this video! More importantly I hope it gives you an idea of what you can expect before you come here to Italy. Buona visione!


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00:55 Salt and Pepper
01:20 Bread and Butter
01:59 Breakfast
02:08 No free refills
02:19 No tipping
02:35 restaurants in the USA vs Italy
03:24 Ice
03:32 Afternoon Cappuccino
04:02 Dinner at 5-6pm
04:53 Walking shoes
05:06 Converting your money
06:13 Pickpockets
06:50 Dogs in public places
07:19 Saying Hi and Bye in stores
07:57 Learn Italian!
08:29 Frase Italiana Della Settimana
09:00 Comment!
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