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Driving in Italy. Thinking of renting a car? 12 tips!

The basics for driving a car and also renting a car in Italy. Is it in fact the best way to get around Italy? I offer my tips for the actual driving experience in Italy as well as my recommendations for people who want to get away from the big cities and see the smaller towns. No driving in Italy video would be complete without mentioning two key elements of the road experience in the Bel Paese: Parking as well the traffic, in particular Rome which is where the bulk of my Italian car experience has taken place ! I've done my best to help you enter the reality of driving here and I've included what I felt was most relevant.

I've also included other tips such as getting gas, how to get an international drivers license and why you need it and my overall opinion for having a safe driving experience here. To be 100% transparent, I don't recommend driving in this country especially if you are mainly staying in the major cities and most importantly, if you're not used to city driving! However, It is an unforgettable experience, be it for better or for worse!

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1. The basics 0:42
2. Rules and signs 1:19
3. ZTL . Restricted areas 2:26
4. White directional arrows 2:54
5. Toll booths . 3:27
6. Driving in Italy legally 3:50
7. City or country driving 4:21
8. What are Italian drivers like 5:47
9. Examples of bad driving: 6:25
10. Bad parking 7:15
11. The cost 7:48
12. Speed cameras 8:10
13. My recommendation 8:44
14. Tip from a local 9:02
15. Tighter spaces in Italy 9:55
16. Going to the major cities? 10:39
17. Learn Italian! 🇮🇹🇮🇹 11:03

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Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR from Pexels. Guy in BMW

https://www.pexels.com/photo/asphalt-auto-automobile-automotive-221284/. Pic showing driving on right side of the road

Video by Mike from Pexels. Dude driving

https://www.pexels.com/photo/bills-capital-cash-cent-210679/. Money

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