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What to eat in Rome. 5 recommendations!

A short guide on what you can eat in Rome and my 5 recommendations so you can eat like a local in the Eternal City! The video explains typical Roman food that you really should try if you want to experience the best the city has to offer.

While the video does mention what desserts you can find in Rome, the benefit of being a large city is that there is a variety of food here that you can try, desserts included. However, the scope of this video is on local food. The restaurants are places that I've been to personally and thus why they made the cut in this video!

My Italian wife is also a good connoisseur of fine dining and needless to say had an active role in the planning and filming of this video!

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Jump to a specific part of the video:

1. Pasta: 0:38
2. Meat and Fish: 1:34
3. Veggies: 2:41
4. Desserts: 3:13
5. Street food: 4:00
6. Pizza al taglio: 4:15
7. Supplì: 4:30
8. Restaurants and places to eat: 4:45
9. Learn Italian!!: 🇮🇹🇮🇹6:04

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Видео What to eat in Rome. 5 recommendations! канала David's Dose of Italy
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