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The Magic of Detachment: How it will make attracting love, money and success EASY

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Now imagine that there's a river stream and you're just floating down this river stream. However, imagine that you're trying to grab onto branches and grab on to other things and trying to attach to it and imagine that if you were to just let go of all of that and go with the flow, that the river would take you exactly where you need to go.

Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I'm going to be showing you the power of detachment, how this can be like magic in your life and why the root of all suffering is attachment. This was something that Buddha said, the more attached we become to different things in our life, the more pain we create.

So the key is understanding that the more we detach, the more free we become. I'm going to share with you some things from my own life that I've noticed through this process and how it can change your life. It become very magical. So first off, the thing that I want to share with you is a, there is this quote that I heard as well.

It came from Deepak Chopra and it had to do, I'm not going to read the exact quote, but the general idea is that inside of certainty is the prison of our own thoughts and certainties. Also attachment. We become attached to people. We become attached to our thoughts. We become attached to our own labels and in that attachment is certainty.

Outside of that certainty is uncertainty and uncertainty is where infinite possibilities are. So in a way we hold ourselves through attachment to different ideologies. Maybe it's a certain person. Imagine that there are 7.5 billion people out there in the world and imagine that you are attached to one person.

It has to work right with one person and you inside of this little belief system are like, it needs to work out, it needs to work out, it needs to work out and I'm attached and they need to act this way and then I can be happy. But imagine that you are actually possibly limiting yourself.

Imagine that there are billions of people out there and there's a high likelihood that if you have such a deep connection with this one person, there's a high likelihood that there could be someone else out there that you have even a deeper connection with. That is just a, an example of this, but that's many times what we do.

We may be holding onto certain perspectives that keep us in certainty and the Deepak Chopra quote was about uncertainty and uncertainty in the unknown is where infinite possibility is. It is where freedom is, and in this video I'm going to show you the magic of detachment, how you tap into it and how things really become magical.

When we get out of the prison of our own beliefs, the prison of our own attachment and anytime think about anytime we to our own thoughts, that's where pain starts to come from. That's where then we start to get in this little negative thought loop. There was something I was thinking about the other day and I just kept thinking about it.

The more I thought about it, the more it grew and the more attached to it I was and the more then I would go out into the world and see other things that reflected that back to me. But the moment I caught myself in the moment I became detached from it. And think about it. When you become detached, you then are able to separate yourself from being inside of it.

You can then observe it in a new way and when you observe it in a new way, that's where power is. So let's go ahead and get into this. I've attachments and their way of control. So the first off, there's different ways we become attached in general.

We can become attached by our thoughts, we can become attached to people and how people act. We can become attached to outcome. This is something I've definitely been attached to in my life is I've been attached to pretty much all of these. I'm sure we all have, but beliefs. Another one touches certain beliefs. This is the way reality is. Labels. I am somebody with ADHD...

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