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Letting go is EASY when you do this (Make detaching EASY)

90% of raising your vibration is letting go because letting go leads to freedom.. Letting go is easy when you make detachment easy like this.

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Letting go is actually an easy process but it only is perceived to be difficult because there is some type of identity attachment that you have with the belief or person you're holding on to. Not only that, but most of the times you might not want to let go because you have some type of "pay off" or benefit from holding on- whether it's external validation, being "right" about something or anything else that you tell yourself is a benefit.

Detachment from a person, outcome or belief is the key to letting go and makes the process of letting go really easy. You see, letting go is supposed to be easy but we subconsciously make the choice to believe that it's hard and find reasons why we shouldn't. It's a paradox, but holding on to something really hard actually creates resistance and energetic distance. That means that letting go is what actually helps you attract more and live more in alignment and flow.
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Видео Letting go is EASY when you do this (Make detaching EASY) канала Aaron Doughty
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