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3 Things to do Instead of Chasing Love and Relationships (they will chase you)

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Imagine that you're chasing a butterfly and as you try to chase it, it keeps fluttering around. But if you were to just relax, you might find that the butterfly purchase itself right on your shoulder. Welcome back to another video. My name's Aaron. I help people expand their consciousness.

Now in this video, I'm going to be sharing with you the 3 things to do instead of chasing love or relationships. This is a video series that I've been doing on stop chasing and what to do instead. I thought I'd do a whole video on three things you can practically do instead of chasing that make and have them actually chase you. This changes the energy dynamic and helps it so that then the cards work in your favor.

Now when it comes to this process, let's first off, let's get right into it. The first part of this process of when we're chasing, we are implying that the other person is running. So what if the only reason they're chasing us or we're chasing them is because we believe that they're running. We believe that they're in a way trying to get away.

What if we switched the frame in our mind and instead of chasing them, instead of seeing it as like you want something from someone else ...What if you were to switch up the frame? Now, that's why the first thing that I recommend you do, you actually do to stop chasing and have them chase you, is to completely let go of the outcome, let go of outcome.

When you are attached to the outcome, they can feel that. They can energetically feel that. If, if you are, I really, really hope and please do this, and it's almost like in a way when you're around them, what you then do is you then put it on a pedestal and when you're around them, you then start to feel more and more resistance because you're hoping in your mind, Oh, I hope this goes this way.

I hope it goes that way. And they can feel that and when they feel that they then feel, feel the resistance and they don't know what that resistance is from you or from them. They just feel it. People feel what you feel and when you're attached to the outcome and trying to control it. What ends up happening is there's resistance involved, so then it becomes something that is contagious and actually holds them back from finding you attractive.

Now in my own life, I felt this that any time I have been even just beyond just chasing love or relationships, if it was me trying to intending to attract something in my life, the more I try to control it, the more resistance I make and it's almost like the more rules I have about it, the more that gets reflected back to me.

In reality, if I'm like, Oh, I really hope this person shows up on time and I'm like thinking about it, thinking about it, about it, it normally will end up to where maybe that person is late. This is just a small example, but in the same way, if I just let go of it, many times I'll let go of it and then I'll get the text. It's like, Oh, I'm almost there.

Or I'll let go of it. And then energetically it's like, then reality can reflect that back of what we want. But the key to this process to understand, letting go of outcome when you let go of outcome, it changes. I just shared my other video on stop chasing. I'll go ahead and link that below as well. On the stop chasing love and relationships, a video.

I'll talk about how one of my first girlfriends, when I was in high school, I really liked that I really put on a pedestal and I was, uh, things were going well and then she kind of started to withdrawal for me. But then what I did is I just completely let go and I started to have fun.

So the caveat to letting go of the outcome is focused on fun. And I know it sounds like something you might not want to do if you're really, really heady about somebody. But I'll tell you what, when you start having fun, it changes your state. They feel what you feel. And in this weird way, think about it like this. You have an energetic field around your body and when people think of you, they feel what's in your energetic field...

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