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STOP Chasing Love & Relationships and instead do this (they will chase you)

Once you STOP Chasing Relationships & Love you will receive the very thing you gave up. This video I'll show you exactly how to manifest the life you prefer. Simply release your grip of control and trust the process.

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This video I'm going to show you why you should stop chasing relationships and love and I'm going to show you a process that is so much more powerful that I think will change your life.

Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now this video I'm going to show you exactly why you should stop trying to attract a relationship, trying to attract love into your life, what to do instead and how this is the game changer, like chasing a relationship is the reason you are in a relationship.

I know that sounds a little bit harsh, but when you are putting out the energy that you are chasing someone else that you really, really want someone to be in a relationship with you. You are putting out a resistance and you think of it like in your energetic field.

Say this is you, and in the energetic field you're saying, I want this person over here. What happens is by saying, I want, what you end up doing is you end up feeling this resistance that then they subconsciously feel and it keeps them from coming into your life even at different levels.

Where even if you don't know this person yet, if you're putting out the resistance vibration of chasing love, really desiring some type of relationship than what you are doing is you are putting out an energy that isn't serving you, they'll stop it, stop it. That's the key.

Stop putting out this energy and understand that anytime you say, I really, really want something, it automatically vibrationally says, I don't currently have it, and when we are focused on chasing someone or chasing love, it's us projecting our happiness outside of ourselves and it's having us run to try to get somewhere we currently are.

So think about this just from an energetic standpoint as well. If you say, I really, really want you, I really, really would love having you around all the time, I really, really would just like you to come to dinner with me and I really, really would enjoy that. How does that feel? It feels desperate and it feels like something that repels you.

You're like, oh bro, I don't, not necessarily just kind of want to do my thing. I don't want that pressure, but you see that's what a lot of times we do even not just with relationships, to be honest with you, just with things in general. Anytime you say, I really, really would like to have money, is this really, really desperate energy and we're putting that energy out. Not aware that that's the reason we're not attracting what we want. There's a process that I talk about sometimes called Reality Transurfing.

That's about decreasing importance. You put something on a pedestal, you then are glorifying it and you're saying that that's not natural for your self image and thinking about this from also a point of view of a character in a movie, let's use this metaphor.

If you are running around trying to be the cameo in someone else's movie by chasing them, you are not the star of your own movie. You are a cameo in someone else's. They can feel that and they want you just to let them do their lead role.

You might actually be a little bit annoying to them because they're in their lead master role and here you are trucking along trying to be the cameo, trying to be the supporting role, trying to be just somebody in their movie and because that's the frame because that's the energy that's put out. That's the energy they're responding to.

They are responding to the energy you are putting out, you putting out the vibration that you are the cameo when everyone else's movie is going to make it so that they just conveniently puts you. Where do they think you need to be and the reason being is because you are not at your core.

If you were out your core, you'd be the star of your own movie and you wouldn't be chasing someone else if you're chasing. I remember I used to work with someone that used to observe this about one of our coworkers who was.....

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