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Use The MAGIC of Detachment to Attract Love & Relationships

Detachment will completely TRANSFORM Your Life once you know how to LET GO. This video I'll show you exactly how to Harness the Power of Detachment so that Money, Love and Relationships Chase YOU.

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What I'm about to share with you is counter intuitive to almost everything you've been told about manifestation, about creating your own reality. However, I would say it's the one major difference that will completely transform your life. If you begin to apply it, this will make you more attractive.

This will make you have more magnetic energy and this will have love chase you instead of it being the other way around. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I'm going to be sharing with you the magic of detachment and letting go and how when you trust this and you do this, it then gravitates things towards you and I'm going to share this not only for my own personal experience, just in general.

You can use this by the way, for anything. You can use this for love. You can use this for abundance. You can use this to get a new job or attract something, anything that you want, you can use this to attract. Now, the thing to understand about this is that you have the ability to generate the emotion inside and the feeling inside without needing any external thing to feel a certain way. Now the reason this is important to understand is because any time we want something else, we chase something else.

We are saying that I don't have that within myself. And one of the biggest desires there is within humans in general is to feel connected. And the moment we say I want that, we are actually emphasizing our separateness. You see, the more we raise our vibration and our level of consciousness, the more we realize we are everything we are at all.

So why would I want that over there when I realized I am that over there? Do you see it has to do with understanding a larger scope of consciousness. So that's what I'll be sharing with you in this video. This is why it makes such a big difference. Now first off, uh, it's understand that we think in the form of mental pictures.

We think in the form of mental pictures. Some of these mental pictures, not, not everyone's completely visual, but we think in the term of mental pictures and when we think of things and we want something, maybe we want a goal or something that it is, maybe it's money, maybe it's love.

We infuse all these other mental pictures that we have about why we can't have it, why we can have it. The kind of person that we attract. All of these different mental pictures go in place and then that creates resistance. So this is about becoming aware of those mental pictures. This is about understanding that anything we are attached to, we are creating resistance around.

There's been times in my life where I realized that if I really want something or just wanted in general, I resist it. But if I move into that of not caring, it's almost in a way you could say as well, the more you're able to not care which way it goes, doesn't mean you're apathetic, but the more you're able to not care one way or the other, the more power you have.

That's why letting go of the outcome signals abundance. Think about that too. Letting go of the outcome actually signals abundance. If you are around someone else that you're attracted to and you're like thinking of every little thing you're going to do and you're like, Oh, am I doing this the right way? Am I going to say this the right way?

You're going to feel stifled. You're going to feel resistant, you're going to think too much and overthink things and subconsciously the other person's going to be able to feel that energy off of you. However, if you were to let go and not care, you'd give yourself a lot more permission to just be yourself.

And when you are just being yourself and you are unapologetic about what people think about you, that is attractive. And the reason that's attractive is because it shows that...

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