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Attract Love and Relationships using the Magic of Detachment (do this and they will chase you)

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Anytime I get to a place to where I really, really would love to be around somebody or I really look forward to certain interactions and I end up putting it on a pedestal ...anytime I do that, there is something that I have to do to take that off a pedestal so that I can then be on the same level so that then I can experience it and in this video I'm going to show you exactly how to take it off a pedestal, how detachment is actually the key to you attracting love into your life and this works very powerfully when you apply it.

Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I'm going to be sharing with you exactly how to really attract love from the place of resonance. Understanding that attachment will keep you from actually doing that.

Any type of attachment, whether that is an attachment to some type of story that you have, whether that's an attachment to some type, one specific person that you're putting all your energy on and realize that when you think of someone, you are sending them energy and if you're feeling that lack of love and you're acknowledging that you don't currently have love, you're also sending that energy out.

That's why attachment many times is something that you have to let go of. So letting go of attachment to the story, letting go of attachment to that of the uh, two different people to the thoughts you think the attachment to the vacuum, which sometimes you can find, sometimes you can't find because you don't remember where you put it.

Okay. This is very important to understand this whole entire process. Now let's first off, let me show you something right over here. I'm going to get out the handy-dandy whiteboard for this to show that the vibration, wait for the, uh, the light to come back. The vibration of wanting versus the vibration of having are two completely different realities.

The importance of this is knowing that when we talk about desire, when we talk about attachment, it's an attachment to a desire. And anytime you want something, you can't have it. I know that sounds paradoxical, but let me, uh, let me show you a better camera and go first so that I could show you this.

Now the vibration of wanting versus the vibration of having understand these are two totally separate realities. And imagine that there's a version of you that wants something and then there's a version of you that has something. The version of you that wants something, feels the lack.

If you want it, it means you don't Got it. I want it, I got it. But if you want it and you want it and you want it, then you don't have it. And the key to this is understanding that when you see there's two separate realities, which are first off, must understand is that what must change is your inner reality first.

The outer reality is only a reflection. That's it. It's just a reflection. So when we want something and we're looking to the outside, we then can't actually have it because we don't first off have it within. We must first off have it within. So the key to this is understanding that the other dynamic to this is knowing how important is this?

How attached are we? Now I remember when I first got on YouTube, this is doesn't necessarily have to do with love, but let me just share with you an example of how this might work. So back in the day when I, before I got on, I was on YouTube and I was starting to grow my channel. There were certain people that I wanted to make videos with.

There were certain people's content that I liked and I was like, Hey, let's, I'd like to make videos with you. And I first off got to maybe 50,000 subscribers on YouTube and I kept reaching out to a, to a couple of different people that I was like, Oh, maybe eventually I'll be on their radar and we could make a video together.

Now when I wanted to do that, when I really wanted it, I wouldn't really get any response back from either of these, like two or three people I'd reach out to. The more I wanted it, the more I could not have it. Now, what I had...

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