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Stop Wanting And Needing and instead do this...

Once you STOP Wanting & Needing manifestation becomes so much EASIER. The TRUTH is.....Wanting & Needing amplify feelings of lack & desperation. This video I'll reveal the SECRET to having the things you want....want you.

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This video I'm going to show you how to stop wanting, how to stop needing and exactly what to do instead. I'm going to show you how to have the things you want.....want you.

Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I'm going to be sharing with you how to go beyond wanting how to go beyond needing, how when you say, I really, really want something, you are actually saying I really, really don't currently have it.

I'm going to show you exactly what to do instead because the key to this changes everything. And for me to uh, explain this for me, first off, say that back in the day you read old school books like, um, think and grow rich, have the led touch, burdened, desire. You must really, really, really want it.

Well, the thing is, is when you really, really want something, sometimes it can really, really make you really, really take action so it can move you up this ladder to where you go from the wanting of this energy you're putting out to then you taking action and dissipating that wanting and then moving into a different state.

However, the key is not in the wanting. The key is not in the wanting unless it, if it moves you to take action, moves you and gives yourself permission to move from one state to another, then it can be powerful. But what I'm saying in this video I'm going to share with you, there's a powerful process.

There's a PR, a process, even more power, a lot of peas. There's a process even more powerful than that. And that comes from a higher level of consciousness that when you begin to raise your level of consciousness, you see that this things happen.

Reality is meant to be magical. Reality is just a reflection of our internal state of being. When you look out right now, everything around you is a reflection of what you believe you deserve. Okay. You might see a certain type of relationship you're in.....maybe somebody talks down to you.

If that's the case, then it means at a certain level you may meet, believe that's what you deserve and if in what you can do is realize that you maybe don't, you have a bigger boundary and you don't allow that to happen, but you see everything around you is a reflection.

That's all the outer reality is. Now, this is the key. Most people, they are chasing things which implies those things are running. If you want something, you are putting out a vibration like think of these as separate vibrations. The vibration of wanting something.

I really, really want it. I really, really hope it happens and that would be so cool. What does that vibrationally mean? I don't currently got it. I don't got it and I want it. I want it. I got it. Okay, but now let's move it over here. The vibration of having it, the vibration of having it.

I naturally have what I want. I naturally am able to create what I want. And it's like this is what it's like and it feels like this and I'm happy and this is how I feel. This how natural it is, this vibration to I want it. I got it. Totally different vibration. Well, I mean that would be like, I want it. I got it.

But that's a song. Anyways, this idea is about understanding. These are two different vibrations. The vibration of wanting something, the vibration of having it are different. So what is the key to this process to uniting with this? Well, the key to this more powerful than really wanting something, needing something or chasing something is mentally uniting with that thing that you want in your life.

You must mentally unite for it. Unite. Think of it like this. Let me use an example. So at first off an analogy, the reality is simply a reflection. So if you want something, you must mentally unite with it. And the way you first, mentally unite with something is you unite with it on the inside, you unite with it internally. This is actually what I did to be in this house. So here's the thing, this house I'm in right now, it's pretty cool. I really like it. It's a one.....

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