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The Ultimate Guide to Releasing Resistance and Letting Go with Emotions and the Law of Attraction

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This video is about The Ultimate Guide to Releasing Resistance and Letting Go with Emotions and the Law of Attraction Transcript below...

In this video, I'm going to be sharing with you the ultimate guide to releasing resistance and letting go. This video is going to be something you can always come back to anytime you're feeling stressed out or like you need to let something go. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding how you can release resistance, the easiest way, where it come from, and how you can also let go at the same time, and this is gonna be something that you could apply towards anything. This is something that I have learned in my own life. It is a game changer because sometimes we beat ourselves up. We think that the process of letting go has to be so complicated. It has to be like you go down to your subconscious mind.

You find the beliefs and sometimes that can be powerful by the way, but what we do is we beat ourselves up because we end up beating the drum of the problem over and over and over again, and by doing that over and over and over again, we end up activating the vibration of that resistance. Now, in reality, if you think about it, there really is either allowing or resistance. It's one of the two. Are you allowing the present moment to be? Are you allowing these circumstances in your life to be what they are, and sometimes we think that the law of attraction for you allow something to be as it is. You're asking for more of it, but actually it transforms when you allow things to be as they are. So if you say yes to the present moment, the paradox is a lot of times in the resistance ends up going away, but the resistance gets locked into place.

When we say reality must be different than I think reality must be different than this. There's a blueprint in our mind for the way reality must go, and if it doesn't go according to that blueprint, exactly, we start to get resistance. So resistance comes simply from that of trying to change the way things are or thinking things just should be different than they are. So as a blueprint in our mind to the way reality works, there has to work or should work, and if it's not according to that blueprint, we feel resistance. Now, philosophically, the easiest way to understand how to get rid of it is to really just drop the rules, drop the rules in our mind. That's a reality. Must be x, Y, Z in order to be happy. A reality must go this way. Here's the thing, when we're in resistance, which means we're feeling negative emotion, which means, uh, we feel like thinking we're creating these blocks in our life.

We're in our ego, our ego has taken control. And because our egos taking control, it's trying to do everything and it's trying to have everything go according to how it thinks it should go. But the thing is, is in reality, you have this ego and you have this larger aspect, virgin, of part of you that you're connected to now in the old school, like a Abraham Hicks way of thinking about it. If you don't know Abraham Hicks, there's a great content that she creates or esther Hicks creates. You'll see what I mean if you look it up. Um, but the idea is that we have this one part of us and then we have the source energy. Part of us, our guidance system is telling us where we lay in terms of how we relate to our inner guidance system. So if you are thinking thoughts that are negative, the negative emotion you feel is your body telling you, hey, this is out of alignment with who you really are.

You really are high vibrational energy. You are unconditional love and bliss. You don't have all these rules. But then what we do is we identify with the ego. We say, no, it has to go according to this way. It has to do this as to do this. And we keep feeling negative emotion, thinking that the more we think the negative emotion, eventually we're going to figure it out. You don't figure things out from the negative emotion, as Einstein said himself, you must get to a higher level in order to figure out the level of the problem. You can't solve the problem from the same level of...
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Видео The Ultimate Guide to Releasing Resistance and Letting Go with Emotions and the Law of Attraction канала Aaron Doughty
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