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LET GO (and it will come)

Attachment is the root of all suffering. In order to MANIFEST the life you prefer once and for all, you must learn to release your grip of control and LET GO. This video I'll show you EXCTLY how to do that.

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If you let go, it will come. That's all you gotta do is let go. Just let go. Stop trying to control the outcome. Stop trying to be attached to someone else, a person, the story that you tell yourself about why you are, where you are, the outcome, uh, the past, let it go. And it will come. I promise you. And in this video, I'm going to show you how to do that. Why to do that, uh, and other ways to go about that. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now on this video, I'm going to show you all about letting go. This is the thing, and this is why it is so important to let go. When you let go like scale of consciousness, when you let go, just drop it.

Your vibration naturally raises when your vibration raises you feel better. And then when you're in a better feeling state, you're more likely to have more contagious energy. You're going to be more attractive to people. You're going to have more of a, of a carefree mentality. And you're going to find that synchronistically things reflect back in your life that are preferable, but you'll find in almost every situation when you attached to things. And when you're not letting go of either a person and outcome control the past, the story you tell yourself, when you don't let go of that, you create resistance. Now in my own life, I've had to learn this the hard way. The hard way, the hard way of learning about this was that, uh, it would probably, for me, I would say the one that was the most difficult was control, letting go of control.

And I think the reason that is, is because growing up and if you've heard my story, I know I've made a lot of videos on YouTube. This some over, you heard this story of anytime, but having the X step on my life from seven to 16 years old, I, you know, I realized I was always saying seven to 15 years old, so have you seven 16. So there you go. New piece of information. So the seven to 16 years old, I had the ex step-mom in my life who was very controlling, very manipulative and didn't have much freedom at all. But what I learned is I ended up creating that certainty and that certainty, even though I w my brother and I both were treated very poorly after my dad divorced her. I remember feeling that sense of like, anything can happen. Now. I don't like, even though we, my brother and I were normally doing chores outside, locked out, not allowed to have friends at, like, even though all those situations, we still, there was a level of certainty to that that felt comfortable.

So after my ex step-mom left my life at 16 years old, my dad divorced her all the sudden, my brother and I are allowed to eat the food we want. We're allowed to have friends we're allowed to watch TV. Uh, we don't, we don't have to earn, going to school activities. All of a sudden there's like this level of uncertainty. And what ended up happening is I craved that certainty. And until I created it myself, one of the, I created certainty. One of them was actually smoking weed. Yeah. Smoking weed. I know a lot of you may smoke weed. It's okay. I'm not judging you. But one of the ways I coped with the past for me was by smoking. I remember when I would smoke. It was a way of certainty. Anytime I would smoke, I would, then that feeling would go away. I was on a desperate climb to gain certainty in my life.

And there were many different ways I did that. One was that one was, um, uh, taking Adderall was another one. It took Adderall because I had, it was labeled as Evan ADHD. Cause I had a lot of energy. So I am doing is taking that as well. Once again, certainty, you can take it, you feel that certainty. And then I decided, and I learned meditation. I, uh, you know, I wanted to get rid of having...

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