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FINALLY A HEATLESS CURL ROUTINE THAT WORKS !!!! 👏🥳 So many of you brought the tiktok robe hack to my attention and I decided to put it to the test but with my own spin on it. I tried this hack with my regular wavy hair dry and hated the messy results. So I decided to take 5 day old hair, and soak up all the grease in my roots with not your mothers SULFATE FREE dry shampoo and then wet my hair and added Not Your Mothers new curl talk line leave in conditioner to create soft, silky hair that’s ready for styling !!! I then French braided the belt into my hair ( the tighter the French braid, the tighter and longer lasting the curl ) and then waited a couple hours. I was left with GORGEOUS heat free curls. I then added some volume and texture to my roots with not your mothers curl talk refreshing foam to create lived-in curls ✨ I get SO bored with my hair looking the same everyday and this was a fun switch up without damaging my hair.

Видео HEATLESS CURLS IN HOURS 👏✨ канала IndiaBatson
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12 мая 2022 г. 1:32:23