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Hi, can we normalize re-wearing outfits online !?! I feel like there’s a weird stigma around posting the same outfit again and again???? This concept makes no sense to me. Not only is it not sustainable to wear clothes once but it’s expensive ???? Like how are y’all affording a new dress for every single event ever????? I have worn this pink dress time and time again. This dress has been to weddings, red carpets and done the dishes. If I invest in a dress rest assured I’m going to wear it again and again. So prepare to be SICK OF THIS DRESS YALL. As long as it fits over my butt I’ll be wearing it ✌️ #dress #sustainablefashion @anhayla audio used 🩷🩷🩷🩷

Видео RE-WEAR THAT OUTFIT 👏 канала IndiaBatson
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4 октября 2023 г. 1:00:15