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*12 hours laters* SpongeBob voice. I worked on this video for literally 12 hours yesterday and I had SO MUCH FUN. Yesterday I just felt so creative and happy and I wanted to make something I was proud of. I have no doubt that these are not overly accurate…. Lol but I looked up inspo boards for each decade. and I worked with what I already had in my closet! The hardest look by far was the 1920s. I’ve never attempted to do a finger wave, and I may never attempt it again lol it is definitely outside of my repertoire 😂 which hair decade is your favorite?? #hairstyles #hairideas #decade #hairtutorial

Видео 100 YEARS OF HAIRSTYLES канала IndiaBatson
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28 июля 2023 г. 1:00:21