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Cheers to 29 years of life! 🥂

28 was a year of moving to a new city, buying our first house, Daniel opening a recovery program for addicts, trying to start our family, losing our first baby 👼 and beginning to try again 🩷 I learned how strong I am in my 28th year of life through the highs and lows and even the mundane days life threw my way. Through it all my hope and strength is found in Jesus alone. I couldn’t have gotten through this year without my friends and family who surrounded me with so much love for weeks and months to follow after my surgery. You know who you are and how you showed up for me day after day mentally after the calls stopped. Cheers to 29 years of life! May I never be afraid to age and always be grateful for another year of this perfectly imperfect life. Thanks for sticking around, cheers to new adventures in my last year of my 20’s ✨

Видео Cheers to 29 years of life! 🥂 канала IndiaBatson
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15 января 2024 г. 2:00:30