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When I tell you I straightened my hair EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. of my life growing up, I’m not kidding. People would tell me my hair looked “messy” when I wore it natural and down. But I would receive compliments when I wore it straight! Therefore, my CHI straightener was my favorite tool. I’m here to tell you my friend, whatever you have not yet embraced, I pray one day you love it. Maybe it’s your curly hair, nose shape, forehead size, tummy… etc. whatever it is the list is endless. Please know you are beautiful AS YOU ARE. I know it’s easier said than done but you can do this 💛 share below your least favorite feature of yourself and release it sister !!!!!!! Let it gooooooo! I’ll go first! My latest obsession in the mirror is not liking my nose and im going to let that GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I’ll be working on it and I pray you will be kinder to yourself in the mirror too whatever you are struggling with 💛

Видео I HATE MY WAVY HAIR канала IndiaBatson
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25 февраля 2023 г. 2:00:18