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Come get my first ever wax with me!! I have to tell you I truly love shaving my vulva lol I’ve mastered my routine that works for me … but I have always wanted to try getting a wax and see if it’s something I would want to do for a trip so I don’t have to worry about cleaning up the bikini line every day when I’m wearing a bathing suit. Y’all… it honestly was not as bad as I was expecting!! I was pleasantly surprised. I went to sweet peach, and my girl Gina hooked it up! She made me feel so comfortable in that butterfly position ( if you know you know) 🦋 overall I’d say it was a great experience. Let me know down below what you do for the hair down!!!!! do you shave, trim, Brazilian wax, laser or leave it all natural babyyyyyyy ! Let’s chat about it below 💛✨ #brazilianwax #waxing #bikiniwax @sweetpeachwax

Видео MY FIRST BRAZILIAN WAX 😼😬 канала IndiaBatson
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