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new hair color 👀 😅

DO YOU LIKE THIS CHANGE FOR WINTER????? Be honest but also nice bc I’m on my period and I’m freaking EMOTIONAL lol I typically get blonde highlights that are a very buttery yellow and bright blonde! This time we went very close to my natural hair color with a few highlights in the front. I’m not sure if you are either going to be like India…. This is not a big change at all and I can barely see the difference sis lol or if you are like holy guacamole there’s clearly a difference, it’s bronde!!!!! (or dirty blonde??) I really like this look for fall and winter. It’s extremely close to my natural hair color, more ashy toned. And I think a fun switch up, but I still feel like myself ✨ I’ll probably go bright blonde in the summers though still 👀 should I go blonder? Or darker next ???? Vote below ! And be honest, can you tell a difference?? #newhaircolor #newhair #bronde #brondehair ✂️by @jeniclaytonhair

Видео new hair color 👀 😅 канала IndiaBatson
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