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trying to steal my man????

Is it just me… or is she trying to steal my man???? And secretly wants me gone…. 👀 the day we went to adopt Wednesday she IMMEDIATELY gravitated to Daniel and went to him first. It was at that point I knew she would be coming for my man. Lol no but seriously I adore their connection! They have the sweetest bond 😭 she’s a daddy’s girl and seeing him with her being so cariñoso ( affectionate) makes me so excited to see him as a father one day, God willing 🫶

Don’t get my wrong Wednesday loves me too 😅 but not as much as her daddy 😂😂😂 and mochi on the other hand is a MAMAS BOY 🫶 have your pets ever chosen a person??? #adoptdontshop #daddysgirls #doghumor #funnyanimals

Видео trying to steal my man???? канала IndiaBatson
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12 января 2024 г. 2:00:13