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This is your reminder to stop scrolling 💛
Utilize this time to read a chapter, practice that new language, send that apology text, paint your nails, eat a croissant or dance in the rain! Far too often I find myself “doom scrolling” comparing my life, looks and body to others. Instead of learning how to make sourdough bread. WE GET ONE LIFE. Live it to the fullest and don’t waste precious time. This is the last year of my 20s and I plan to LIVE it and not watch others live their lives. GET OFF YOUR PHONE AND WAKE UP
🫶🩷✨🌙☀️🐩🔥🐙😍 #selflove #motivation #selfcare #mindsetshift inspired by jayciesdiary ✨ love her content! Check her out!

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26 января 2024 г. 2:00:00