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so many of you commented on my last video saying that I didn’t show y’all my fence going in and the dogs enjoying it. I just know so many people out there are waiting for the day they can have a yard for their dogs too and I felt guilty almost posting. But y’all explained that it would bring you joy to see my angels playing in their yard so here it is!!! Mochi has waited a little over two years for a house with a yard and I’m so grateful to give him a big yard to chase wednesday in now. I’m going to share some videos on my stories of the day the fence went in. Wednesday LITERALLY did 8 victory laps around the whole yard and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen lol as far as #fencegate2k23 goes… UPDATE we had a neighbor brings over cookies and apologize for neighbors being rude to us and gathering behind our backs. If you don’t know, our neighborhood is not thrilled with our new wood privacy fence. They wanted it to be metal but we got it approved. Long story short !!! Lol we got a privacy fence because Wednesday loses her mind when she sees men and barks like crazy and we didn’t want to be the new neighbors with the barking dog. Ironically we were trying to be good neighbors. we have a meeting with the neighborhood tmrw evening, stay tuned for Fencegate updates 👀😂😂😂😂do you like our fence ????? 🐩🖤 #newyard #newhouse #newhouse🏡 #rescuedogs

Видео GIVING OUR RESCUE DOGS A YARD 🥺 канала IndiaBatson
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15 февраля 2023 г. 1:55:52