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I grew up calling my vulva my front bottom…. what did you call it?? needless to say I’ve come a long way 🙌
Shaving your vulva 101 😸
1. Hot steamy shower 🔥
Allow everything to soften up with the steam ✨
2. Exfoliate. I used @medicinemama vmagic grooming polish. It’s not too abrasive and harsh for the gentle skin of the vulva but it’s still effective! 🩷
3. Shaving: 5 blade minimum!!!! I take this rule very seriously. It truly makes a difference in your shaving, trust me 🪒
4. Fragrance free wash from @medicinemama ! It’s their vmagic vulva wash and it helps support your ph. I’ve openly shared about yeast infections in the past, but no more since switching to fragrance free on my vulva. This one is heavenly and it’s cute packaging, which matters lol 😸
5. PRE TRIM!!!!! now that you have all of your supplies ready to go, if you haven’t shaved your vulva in a while it’s best to pre trim to limit irritation and razor bumps ✔️
6. shaving do and don’t! Shave downward and side to side but never against the grain ( aka up) especially if you have super sensitive skin. if you are able to shave against the grain, more power to you!!! couldn’t be me 🌹
7. Seal in all of the moisture with @medicinemamas vulva balm. It’s fragrance free and chalked full of honey, beeswax, buckthorn oil and avocado oil
8. FINALLY … to ensure no irritation, fresh after shaving I recommend you ditch anything lacy or tight and opt for some breathable granny panties 👵
and if you don’t want to shave your vulva that’s amazing too! You do NOT have to. Stay true to you! share below if you are team shaving 🩷 team laser ❤️ team trim 💛 or team natural babyyyyy 💚 #medmamapartner #femininehygiene #everythingshower #bigsister

Видео 101: SHAVING YOUR VULVA 😸 канала IndiaBatson
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