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I have cried in dressing rooms, picking out a bathing suit every year since I was in middle school and developed boobs. I remember picking out a bathing suit one Summer that was a one piece, recently after I hit puberty, and everyone in the school accused me of getting a boob job & picking a one piece to hide the scars. I remember vividly the next summer wearing a more “ revealing bathing suit” and people said I was looking for attention and that I was promiscuous now. Meanwhile I hadn’t even begun to date. Then I started wearing more modest bathing suits, and I was told I was a “Christian prude” all this to say picking a bathing suit can be challenging and complicated on so many levels and harbor a lot of pain and shame for different reasons. At the end of the day I’m a 32G and it’s very hard to hide the fact that I have massive boobs. And I’ve come to accept that! You need to wear what you are comfortable wearing and makes you feel beautiful and confident! Don’t worry if someone tells you one pieces are lame. If that’s what you want to wear THEN YOU ROCK IS SISTER !!!!!!! I worn a one piece to the beach many a time and felt absolutely beautiful. Maybe you aren’t comfortable with other parts of your body… whatever it is please know you are beautiful just the way you are. I promise. all this to say, picking out bathing suits for most women is more complicated than just grabbing a suit in your size. There can be a lot of deep, hurt and pain behind it 🩷 I wanted to show five different bathing suits, varying in modest levels so you can find a suit that you’re comfortable with and see that all of them are beautiful and fabulous. Which bikini is your fav style or go to ? I’ll have all of these bathing suits linked in my stories to shop if you are interested ✨🫶 PS also attempt to ignore the massive bruise on my thigh. I bruise like a peach 🍑 #bikinihaul #bigboobsproblems #bathingsuit

Видео BIKINI STYLES FOR BIG 🍈 🍈 канала IndiaBatson
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