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Trying to conceive is a lonely and hard journey, but it doesn’t have to be. This post is for all of my TTC girlies 🫶 you are seen, valued and loved. Maybe your feelings range from sad to angry; your emotions are valid. Maybe you have been trying to 6 months or maybe you have been trying for years. Maybe you have experienced loss like me, or maybe you haven’t. Maybe you are trying ivf or maybe you aren’t. It’s not a competition but instead a sisterhood of women who cheer each other on through the journey. Feel free to share below your story or how you are feeling 🫶 and if don’t want to/ aren’t ready to share details drop a 💙 emoji and I’ll say a prayer for you. Most importantly you are not ALONE IN THIS JOURNEY SISTER. YOUR STORY IS NOT OVER YET 🩷🫶 #tryingtoconceive #ttc #ttccommunity #ttcjourney #miscarriage #ectopicpregnancy

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