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I feel so blessed to marry my best friend y’all. Last weekend we had a 3 hour car ride to meet our baby girl and we talked the entire time about our future and dreams and hopes and ended up laughing so much. I feel so grateful to be continuing to grow in love two years into marriage. Marriage is truly a blessing from God, but y’all it’s hard sometimes too. And that’s NORMAL. There are seasons in marriage I have come to find and right now we are in such a lovely season and I just feel so blessed and grateful. Our marriage is not perfect, but our love is real. We fight for each other and choose each other daily. check out my stories for how we shared our anniversary this past weekend ☺️💕 it was the best! So relaxing and sexy!!! cheers to many more years to come. Te amo mi amor 💕

Видео 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 💗👰🏼‍♀️💍 канала IndiaBatson
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