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5 Mistakes I've Made Living in Italy. DON'T Buy These Things!

I've made a lot of mistakes while living in Italy. These are 5 that are easy to NOT repeat and hopefully you can learn from my experience. No one tells us 100% how to live in Italy when we first arrive and so like anywhere else in life, we learn by making mistakes. As long as we learn from them, then they are our greatest teacher. The title is not clickbait and in this video I talk about two things I've bought in the past that in hindsight were an error.

TV. Yeah. Don't really need it! It is nice watching the news or a movie with the family but really everything I need is on Youtube! Another reason why I don't want TV is that often I prefer to learn something, especially content to help this channel grow and so getting hooked on a TV series just isn't for me. Nothing against them and certainly nothing against those who like unwind at the end of the day watching their favorite show. It's relaxing, I know! I like to watch TV shows that I liked in the past but in moderation. Anyway, I hope this video helps you in some way to not repeat these errors. Buona visione!


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00:00 Intro
00:18 Buying a TV
01:18 Le Multe/Fines
02:00 The second fine
02:20 How to pay for parking
03:08 Avoiding the fines
03:39 No ID
05:36 My rant!
06:05 Riding a bike in Rome
07:17 No plans for the future
07:59 Advice for living in Italy
08:32 Italian and false friends!
09:20 Comment and Subscribe
09:46 Buy me a coffee. Thanks!
09:54 Final advice.

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