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Traveling During the Pandemic Vlog. Leaving the US after Covid.

Traveling during the pandemic sucks. It wasn't easy and it took me two tries to get back to Italy. Finally after having a negative test result I was able to board a plane and was happily leaving the US after covid. In this vlog I chart my journey from my small town in Connecticut to Rome. It was eventful, and I arrived in Dublin and Rome literally limping and needing a doctor! And this wasn't due to Covid!

I am not planning on going back to the US or anywhere until these pandemic conditions present more favorable traveling free of covid tests and the anxiety of not being able to travel back to see your loved ones which is exactly what happened to me. I advise everyone to be cautious and to be patient before making travel plans.


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Видео Traveling During the Pandemic Vlog. Leaving the US after Covid. канала David's Dose of Italy
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