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Where to Eat in Rome. 11 Tips from a Local!

Where to eat in Rome and 11 carefully picked restaurants where I have eaten and I've ALWAYS had a good meal! There are many good restaurants in Rome, but the ones in this video are ones that are a personal favorite of mine and my wife. In our humble opinion, these are the some of the best restaurants in Rome and they are in areas more or less in the center of town, not far from tourist areas. Whenever I travel I always want to hear from others what their experiences were or even better, I want to know from a local where to go, where to eat and tips for staying safe. Thus the inspiration for this video; I'm your local guy!
In the last half of the video I offer my tips for enjoyable eating in Rome. Quite simply I find it more relaxing when I eat inside, away from cars, people and cigarettes (they smoke here!). Also I recommend you reserve ahead of time and it's always a good idea to observe loca eating times. Namely, don't except restaurants to always be open at 6pm! Hope you all find these places enjoyable as we both have! Buon appetito!
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00:00 Intro
00:37 Rosso Pomodoro
01:00 Mini Italian lesson
01:30 Ginger
02:24 Cul De Sac
02:57 Vivi Bistrot
03:23 Eating in Piazza Navona
04:00 American Breakfast
04:12 Vegan eating. 100% Bio
05:08 Di Matteo
05:50 Supplì
06:02 Cantina Tirolese
06:34 Trattoria Della Barchetta
07:23 La Zanzara
07:35 Tips for eating out
08:50 Camillo B
09:08 Make a reservation
09:48 Tip?
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Видео Where to Eat in Rome. 11 Tips from a Local! канала David's Dose of Italy
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