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the pressure I’m feeling to have children lately is real and I want to share it with you. Daniel and I said after 2 years of marriage we would discuss beginning to try for kids. Two years of marriage came and went and we decided we aren’t ready yet. We moved into our first house last week and suddenly walking past empty bedrooms for our future children has put the pressure on. We bought this home for our family as we grow into it. And now we are here and the questions are flooding in from our personal life as well as online. “When are you going to have kids?” “Why haven’t you had kids yet?” The list is endless. We truly want to fill our home with kids but don’t know when we are ready yet. Some friends have told us “ you will never feel ready, so go ahead “ or “ wait until you are ABSOLUTELY 100% ready because it’s so much work” I was never the girl who dreamed of having children one day. I always dreamed of my career. At this stage of life I feel almost guilty focusing on myself and my career and like I’m being “selfish” for not wanting to take care of a child right now. But then on the other hand I feel like we are 29 and 28 years old and we have all of the time in the world and should not be rushing into anything. But then I’m like well… what if there are complications. I’ve shared my mom experienced miscarriages and what if that happens to me and so maybe I need to go ahead and get started?? But am I actually ready to take care of another human beings every need?!? These are essentially all of the thoughts swirling through my mind that I just needed to get OUT of my head and share with you 🥹💛 I would love to hear if you are struggling with the topic of kids. Pressure to have kids, wanting to have kids but you can’t, havnt found the right partner yet and feeling like your clock is ticking LITERALLY whatever it is please share below. This is a safe place and I’ll be deleting any mean comments 💛💛💛 love you, mean it ✨ #marriedlife #marriedcouple #marriageadvice #newhouse #housebuild

Видео THE PRESSURE TO HAVE KIDS... канала IndiaBatson
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