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Neapolitan Dialect | Can Catalan, French, Spanish, and Latin speakers understand it? | #1

This video features the Neapolitan Dialect spoken in Abruzzo, Italy. Claudio de Domenico is an Abruzzese speaker and we made this video to see if Catalan, French, Spanish, and Latin speakers can understand the Abruzzese dialect?
Abruzzese is one of many languages of Italy. So far we've featured Trentino and Sardinian languages. Eventually, we'd like to feature all the dialects of Italy. If you'd like to represent your dialect on the show please contact me. :) I'm Norbert - the guy who appears at the end of the video.

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🤓 Claudio Di Domenico- the host of today's show - the Abruzzese speaker
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🎥 🤓 Laura - a Catalan Polyglot, YouTuber → @Couch Polyglot

Alexis Barranger - language vlogger
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Видео Neapolitan Dialect | Can Catalan, French, Spanish, and Latin speakers understand it? | #1 канала Ecolinguist
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